• Sept 1978 - June 1979 Research Engineer at the Centre d'Informatique Géologique
  • July 1979 - Jan 1982 Research Engineer at the Centre de Géostatistique.
  • Feb 1982 - Feb 1983 Engineer in charge of Computing, at Geomath - Denver (Colorado) (National Service).
  • Since March 1983 Research Engineer at the Centre de Géostatistique.
  • Since 1993 Engineer in charge of the Computing Group in the Geostatistics Team of the Centre de Géosciences.


After completing my engineering studies at the Ecole des Mines, I wanted to go into research. The year spent in the Centre d'Informatique Géologique de l'Ecole des Mines de Paris, gave me the opportunity to learn more about hydrogeology while at the same time, giving me the responsibility for developing an industrial version of BLUEPACK, the first geostatistical software specifically designed for the oil industry (in fact it was developed for Shell).

This experience encouraged me to pursue a research career in geostatistical computing, but from then on, as a BLUEPACK specialist in the Centre de Géostatistique de l'Ecole des Mines de Paris. My job was to continue its development and to interface with clients. I continued this work during my military service at Geomath, a joint venture that the Ecole des Mines had opened in Denver Colorado in collaboration with the French Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières.

After completing my military service I returned to the Centre de Géostatistique where I have been actively involved in the development of both the algorithms and the computer code for successive versions of the Centre's geostatistical software:

  • MAGMA which was the first general purpose geostatistical software developed by the Centre.
  • ISATIS which since its inception 5 years ago has become the benchmark for scientific software in the geostatistical domain. In 1995 its commercialisation was transferred to Geovariances, a company that is specialised in this field.
  • ISATOIL which was designed to calculate hydrocarbon volumes in places and was developed within the framework of a oil industry contract.

Over the past 20 years I have also carried out many research contracts for companies and governmental agencies (Agip, Total, Statoil, Charbonnages de France, Ifremer) and have been active in teaching, particularly short courses for industry, and in directing theses.


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