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Mining professional training in 2019-2020


A NEW POST MASTER DEGREE® is offered by three French Higher Education Institutions - MINES ParisTech, Geology Nancy and MINES Nancy - in the framework of the “Mine & Society” Network of Excellence :


The goal is to train experts for the mineral resources industry in order to assist the mining sector towards the best possible integration of mining projects in their physical and human environment through dialogue between the territory stakeholders. More information.

Activity report for 2018



Jubilee of the

French Committee for Rock Mechanics

in partnership with the Geosciences department


110 people took part in this symposium, which quality as regards lectures and exchanges was recognised by everybody and allowed this conference to be a great success. Abstracts will be soon published by the Presses des Mines.


Pictures of the symposium (courtesy of Siavash Ghabezloo)






Four Carnot Institutes launch Extra&Co

The six-year Extra&Co "Carnot filière" action is managed by a consortium of four Carnot institutes (ISIFoR, BRGM, ICEEL and M.I.N.E.S.) which covers the whole value chain of the sectors related to the mineral resources (metallic and non-metallic resources) and to the underground energy resources. More information

World ranking by discipline : MINES ParisTech at the top 50 !

The QS 2016 ranking of the world's best institutions shows MINES ParisTech at the 23rd rank in the Mining Engineering category. Taking all disciplines in consideration, the French schools and universities are cited about thirty times in this ranking. Only fifteen of them are present in a top 50. More information







Three questions to Hedi Sellami

The director of the Geosciences department

in charge of the Earth Sciences and Environment Department

of MINES Paris Tech


"The increasing interest for energy, economy and environment-related issues sets the geosciences at the hearf of major stakes"



Benoît Sarrazin (P11), a student of the Ground and Underground option, is the recipient of the Juniors Prize awarded by the Société de l'Industrie Minérale, in the "Students" category, for his final work on the underground limestone quarry of Tacon (01). Abstract


Talking about it ...

  • The sediments, a future resource for the terracotta industry
  • Making tiles and bricks with sediments dredged in harbours


2012 – 2013 – 2014 main events



Hedi SELLAMI is the new director of the Geosciences Department with Vincent LAGNEAU as assistant director, as a replacement for Damien GOETZ.



  • The Pierre-Londe Prize awarded by the French Committee for Rock mechanics has been awarded to Laura MARTIN BLANCO for her work on the theoretical and experimental study of anchor bolting distributed under axial stress.
  • Daniela DONNO (Geophysics team) has been named "Outstanding Reviewer" of the GEOPHYSICS journal.
  • The thesis of Edwige Lefebvre-Polus, "Cross contributions of geostatistical and deterministic modelling. Example of nitrates and dissolved oxygen in a river system", has won the silver medal of the French Academy of Agriculture.


Poster award granted by the European Geosciences Union (EGU)

The best poster prize of the European Geosicence Union (conference in Vienna, Austria, April 2012) has been awarded to a young researcher, Abed BENAICHOUCHE. More information


Congresses and conferences

  • AIEG 2014 - Congress of the International Association for Engineering Geology - Turin, 15th - 19th September 2014. More information
  • GeoENV 2014 - 10th international conference on Geostatistics for environmental applications - Paris, 9th - 11th July 2014. More information.


Scientific afternoon as a tribute to Michel DEMANGE,

from his alumni and colleagues

The book of the communications is available on demand.



Workshop : 100 years of electrical imaging - MINES ParisTech - 9-10 juillet 2012 - Paris

Workshop organised by the Geophysics group, on the opportunity of the centenary of the first experiment conducted by Conrad Schlumberger.

More information.

Innovation in the Geosciences: a day with Bernard Beaudoin, 6th July 2012

organized by the French Geological Society, the French Group of the Cretaceous, the Association of French Sedimentologists and the Geosciences department

Conference "High temperatures for electric storage" 4th July 2012

Oral presentations (in French only)


16 - 19 April 2012 : Mechanical Behaviour of Salt

SaltMech 7 was the 7th congress of those dedicated to the mechanical behaviour of salt. It was organized by the Geosciences and Geoengineering Research Department of MINES ParisTech and the LMS of Polytechnique ParisTech. The congress aimed to provided a forum for academics, researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and recent developments in the field of the mechanical behaviour of salt. More








Ecole thématique du CNRS / INSU / MINES ParisTech - Geosciences Department

Mineral resources : the outlook of the mining engineer - 1st - 3rd February 2012 - MINES ParisTech  - Paris



Scientific conferences held at the Théâtre Municipal de Fontainebleau, 2011-2012

For any information :

  • Hydrocarbons : current status and technological challenges - 29th September 2011
  • The main impact of hydrocarbon consumption : CO2 emissions - 27th March 2012
  • Underground and new energy - 9th May 2012



2010-2011 main events


Shale gas, a new Eldorado for gas exploration

Interview with Hedi Sellami (June 2011)
Are we entering a golden age of gas ? The answer to this question, asked by the International Energy Agency in the introduction of its latest report on the global market of energy, is likely to be positive, as experts ensure a bright future for this source of energy. Unconventional resources have a lot to do with it : in the United States, shale gas in particular has caused a veritable gold rush. Not without causing serious concerns for the environment ...Read more


Poster award

The best poster prize of the "Climatology and meteorology and sampling design" session of the "Spatial Data Methods for Environmental and Ecological Processes" congress (Foggia, Puglia, Italy) has been awarded to Thomas ROMARY, Chantal de FOUQUET and Laure MALHERBE, from the Geostatistics group. More


A tribute paid to the memory of Professor Marcel ARNOULD

During the technical seminar organized on 27th January 2011 by the CFGI (French Committee of Engineering Geology and the Environment), with the CFMS (French Committee of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnics) and the CFMR (French Committee of RockMechanics).


Conference "The future of oil", by Bernard Fourcade (from TOTAL), in French, organized by 




 Participation of the Geosciences department, in collaboration with Varel company, in further event


"Au plus profond des forages", (Deep down inside drillings),paper by C. Bensimon issued in libé