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"Introduction to well cementing" followed by "Hydraulic fracturing"

Lidia GOROKHOVA - Software engineer, Schlumberger Reboud Product Center


The "services of wells" comprise three subsections, including the "technology of well integrity" and "the stimulation services". The "technology of well integrity" essentially consists in well cementing in order to properly isolate it and to ensure the solidity of the formation and the casing. As for the "stimulation services", they essentially consist in hydraulic fracturing and acidification in order to repair and improve communication between the well and the reservoir, which will increase the production of hydrocarbons. This conference will present the various aspects of "technologies of well integrity" and "stimulation services":

  • working procedure ;
  • in-situ facilities ;
  • laboratory testing ;
  • professional softwares.


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This conference is organized by the "SPE Student Chapter MINES ParisTech", a student association aiming to forge links between the students of MINES ParisTech and the "Oil & Gas" industrial sector through various activities : conferences, study trips and meetings with oil and gas professionals ... (