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Mineral resources : the outlook of the mining engineer

In partnership with the CNRS, MINES ParisTech organizes a thematic symposium from 1st to 3rd February 2012.

Last years, the development of the global economy caused a significant increase in the demand for mineral raw materials. This increase has led to strong pressures in the markets and aroused the concern of many countries as concerns supply security. It has also highlighted the severe lack of young professionals in the field of mineral resources, especially in Western countries, and the need to revitalize the network of universities and higher education establishments that have managed to maintain trainings related to mineral resources.

Only countries that will maintain teaching and research programmes on ore deposits and keep up relationships with mining companies will in fact be able to take advantage of this global demand which will provide employment for graduates, support for research and a better competitiveness for companies in the field of exploration, mining, ore processing and site restoration.

Initiated by the INSU and organized this year in partnership with MINES ParisTech, this thematic symposium aims to establish or strengthen links between students, researchers and French teachers-researchers and geologists or mining engineers working in mineral resource companies in order to set up exchange networks with the industrial world. Parallel to studies of the economic aspects related to mineral resources, the emphasis has been put this year on resource valuation, from deposit modelling and assessment to processing methods, including operating methods.

You can find all information about this thematic symposium on the French page.

This thematic symposium is supported by the following partners :