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On-line geostatistical library

 The geostatistics group wishes the public can access all the works of G. Matheron and some other researchers. To consult these documents, use the on-line library.


Les Journées de Géostatistique

Les "Journées de Géostatistique": The Geostatistics team regularly holds Les "Journées de Géostatistique". Every two years and during two days, different talks in French are delivered in Fontainebleau, covering all different application fields.



Commercialized softwares

The Geostatistics group of the Geosciences department takes part in the achievement of commercialized software which sale is ensured by Géovariances :

  • Isatis : software package providing a complete set of proven geostatistical techniques and models. Recognized by the industry as the reference solution in geostatistics, it is used in the oil & gas, mining and environmental fields.
  • Minestis: mining-focused software solution providing an optimized and simplified workflow for geological domain modeling and mineral resource estimation.
  • Kartotrak: software solution providing an integrated workflow for contaminated site characterization and risk assessment.


Softwares to download

  • PluriDemo project : a set of applications to understand and practice the Plurigaussian simulations :
    • PluriDemo : design of images from a set of pre-determined Gaussian simulations and the interactive choice of threshold parameters
    • PluriVario : calculation of the theoretical variograms of the indicators of Plurigaussian simulations
    • PluriSet : variations on Plurigaussian simulations used for the designing of images of complex random sets.
  • FLUMY project: Modelling softwares of meandering channelized systems at the reservoir scale, using a process-based and stochastic approach
  • The RGeostats package is our geostatistics toolbox. This is an R package which permits to use all geostatistics methods that we developped.


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  • Mathematical Geosciences
  • OGST : Oil & Gas Science andTechnology - Journal of the IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole - Oil French Institute)


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