RGeostats is a package developed using the R language. It offers all the geostatistical features available in the commercial library Geoslib (written in C/C++).

RGeostats enables the user of R, after downloading and installing, to access a wide range of geostatistics usual functionalities. It is also a platform allowing the geostatistics group of the Geosciences Department to develop prototypes for applying new models (examples: Boolean simulations, bi-plurigaussian simulations) or new methods (fluid propagation, first arrival time for geophysical processing [eïkonal] …).

RGeostats package is available by free downloading from the site cg.ensmp.fr/rgeostats.

For more information on RGeostats and Geoslib, do not hesitate to contact us.

See us on  Research Gate: RGeostats Projects