Main projects

The main research projects are :

  • FLUMY project: Modeling of meandering channelized systems at the reservoir scale, using a process-based and stochastic approach. This comprehensive model aims at simulating the deposits associated to meandering flows and building data-conditioned 3D blocks.
Meandering channels (small)
  • INTAROS project: The aim of the INTAROS European H2020 project is to design a public intergrated Arctic observing system. RGeostats package will be involved to offer our Geostatitical methods to the scientific Arctic community.
  • RGeostats project: THE most complete R package for geostatistics



  • PluriDemo project: 3 programmes designed to allow users to discover plurigaussian simulations by “playing” with them.
  • SAMPER project: The aim of the SAMPER project is to prove the feasibility of a measurement and post-treatment system for estimating the levels of electromagnetic field linked to radio communication systems at any time and in any place of a pre-delimited geographic zone, and to develop this system.