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Les Méthodes de la Géostatistique : from 24th September to 12th October 2018

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Professor Georges Matheron was the founder of geostatistics and the creator of the Centre for Geostatistics, today part of the Geosciences Department (see the history of geostatistics).

Team activities

The Geostatistics group has a very various activity in probabilities and statistics, traditionally focused on the development of geostatistical methods, in close conjunction with application fields, including – but not exclusively – in geosciences.

The geostatistical methods enable the processing of spatialized data (with regular or non regular mesh) and are a part of spatial statistics. They allow to represent (mapping by kriging, filtering by kriging analysis, conditional simulations, data assimilation) various phenomena occurring in (geographical or otherwise) space : topography, geological layers, chemical element concentration of a mineral deposit or a polluted site, spatial distribution of geological facies of an oil reservoir, water or air quality, noise exposure, fish distribution, climatologic variables, epidemiological factors.

Our trainings

The diversity of its activities has led the Geostatistics group to involve in various research masters, particularly through teaching at the Universities of Paris VI and Metz. The team manages notably the MINES ParisTech doctoral formation in geostatistics and the "Mastère Spécialisé® CGE" CFSG.

Geostatistics trainings are all described on our dedicated training page