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CFSG: Cycle de Formation Spécialisée en Géostatistique

The "CFSG" or « Cycle de Formation Spécialisée en Géostatistique » is a ten-month postgraduate course of MINES ParisTech (starting in September, in English) designed to train professionals from mining or other industry to be experts in geostatistics. Since 40 years it has trained dozens of geologists and mining engineers from all over the world, coming individually or sent by their company, wishing to broaden their skills.


It includes a set of modular courses, allowing to acquire the fondamentals of the different components of geostatistics (linear, multivariate, non-linear, simulations...) with their use, as well as a several month practice on a real project (real data, professional software, e.g. Isatis®).


Since 2015, the CFSG has received the label of post-master degree in the framework of the “Mine & Society” Network of Excellence, where the details of the CFSG program are given. The courses can also be followed individually as short modules (Geostatistics modules).