Main projects

Among projects benefiting funds from the European Union, we can quote :


Improvement of tools (numerical code, coupling between codes, percolation tests) to promote the development of EGS-type geothermy
Contact : dominique.bruel(-at-)mines

 Among those supported by the ANR :


Feasibility of heat storing (e.g. from incineration plants of household waste) in an aquifer
Contact : dominique.bruel(-at-)mines


Participation in measurement surveys (meteorology, thermal structure, turbulent dispersion in water column) and data processing for the description of the thermal and chemical stratification of Lake Pavin at different scales
Contact : michel.poulin@mines


Evaluating the effects of climate change on the Rhine valley and its aquifer as for resources and vulnerability
Contact : florence.habets(-at-)mines


And among projects conducted with other institutional or private partners :

The main purpose of this study, mainly focused on nitrates, is to improve the quality of coupled modellings of agricultural diffuse pollution which are initiated and carried out on the Seine basin as part of the PIREN Seine [1 and 2] research programme. The results obtained will be included in the reports of the next two deadlines of the Directive Cadre sur l'Eau (DCE).



The PIREN-Seine is a research group which aim is to develop, from field measurements and modellings, an overview of the functioning of the system formed by the river pattern of the Seine, its watershed and anthropogenic consequences.


The question here is to achieve a hydro-meteorological and biogeochemical modelling platform for monitoring and forecasting water resources (quantity and quality) of natural and disturbed water systems.
Contact : florence.habets(-at-)mines



Impact of climate change on water resources and hydrological extremes in the basins of the Seine and the Somme
Contact : pascal.viennot@mines

SIM-France (in collaboration with METEO France)

Improvement of aquifer simulation for water resources monitoring and flow rate forecasting with SIM-FRANCE : extension of simulated aquifers and assimilation of piezometric levels
Contact : florence.habets(-at-)mines

Thermohaline modelling of the hydrogeological system of the Paris basin
As support of the works of the ANDRA to demonstrate the feasibility of a possible storage of high-activity and long-life radioactive waste in the Callovo-Oxfordian deep clayey formation located in the east of the Paris basin, the IRSN has built, in collaboration with the Hydrologic Systems and Reservoirs team, its own hydrogeological model of the Paris Basin.
Contact : pascal.viennot(-at-)mines

Hydrogeology of the Seine basin

Conducted on behalf of the Seine Normandie Water Agency, this synthesis presents, from a detailed physical description of the basin, its climate and its aquifers, the major stakes of water management. The method seeks to understand the functioning of the Seine River and its basin, to model the hydrodynamic functioning of the basin and to foresee before making decisions on the basis of quantified elements. Another synthesis deals with nitrate pollution of the Seine basin.
Contact : pascal.viennot(-at-)

Nitrate pollution of the Seine basin

At the scale of the Earth, the nitrogen cycle is today the most deeply disturbed among the major biochemical cycles. Nitrogen, which comes to 80 % in the composition of the atmosphere, is changed into nitrates in soils ; a part of these nitrates is then after driven to surface and groundwater aquifers. This phenomenon has been widely amplified by the use of synthetic fertilizers since the mid-twentieth century. The question therefore is to understand the origin and the migration of nitrates in the ecosystem to better protect aquifers. This synthesis has been made on behalf of the Seine Normandie Water Agency.
Contact : pascal.viennot(-at-)