Main projects

The Pôle Géochimie-Transport (or PGT) (Geochemistry-Transportation Group) is a structure gathering several organisms or research institutes interested in the currently developing study of reactive transport simulations (coupling between physical-chemical-biochemical and hydrodynamic processes) at different scales.

The heart of the TGP is a partnership consortium, linked by a common agreement that defines its rules, cost sharing and steering committee. This committee, the core of the project, defines and ensures the implementation of the technical programme, i.e. the evolution of the platform based on current needs. The participants coming from partner organisms are part of this internal sphere and play a major role in PGT management.


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The objective of the OptiPur project (Optimisation des résines de purification - Purification resin optimization) is to help understand and simulate treatment mechanisms in cooling circuits of nuclear power plants. An experimental approach helps enrich our understanding of the mechanisms, build links between them and acquire key parameters. In parallel, a special tool is being developed to simulate these interactions in a circuit : using the algorithms of a coupling developed in the group, this tool is based on a simple client-server approach and helps build circuits easily and test their conditions of use. The project is developed by Armines, with an important support from EdF R&D.