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Ongoing PhD theses and post PhD research

Ongoing PhD theses

Iron-clay bioreactivity in radioactive waste disposal

Temperature impacts on geochemistry and diffusion properties at concrete/clay interfaces in a geological radioactive waste disposal
Philippines LALAN

Treatment of radioactive liquid effluents by ion exchange materials columns: experience and simulation
Caroline MICHEL

(U,Pu)O2 matrix alteration in geological storage conditions : Experimental approach and geochemical modeling

The role of spatial variability in the vicinity of a CO2 injection well: implication for the storage integrity.
Irina SIN

CO2 geological storage – Legal views on exploring the underground as a resource
Stéphanie de VIGAN – in collaboration with the University of Lyon III and the CO2 Storage faculty

Post-PhD research

Understanding fluid-rock interaction mechanisms through analysis and modelling the isotopic fractioning of carbonates
Nicolas DURAND