The development of digital tools for research works is an important activity of the Department.

Some teams are developing computer codes, some of them being marketed.

OpendTect licenses available at the Department




The Department has got a free access to five OpendTect licenses distributed by dGB Earth Sciences. These softwares offer a common platform for geophysicists, geostatisticians and geologists.

Geological Objects Computer Aided Design – GOCAD

The GOCAD research programme was launched by the Computer Science Department of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Géologie of Nancy (National School of Geology) managed by Professor Jean-Laurent Mallet. It offers a new computer approach to the modelling of underground geological objects whatever the scale of study, particularly as for tank scale where powerful geophysical and geostatistical tools (JACTA) have been developed to complete the modeller.

GOCAD is organized around a consortium composed of oil companies, para oil services and many universities in the world.

These key assets assure GOCAD a prominent place in the field of geological modellers which results in the existence of a consortium gathering many industry and university sponsors that bring this research programme a financial and technical support. Learn more.