Geophysics (Eikonal)

FDTIMES package is written by Pascal Podvin (Centre de Géosciences/Géophysique - MINES ParisTech)

  • This package includes the functions time_2d() and time_3d() devoted to computation of first arrival times on cartesian grids by finite-differences.
  • The routines are delivered with a few simple examples in Fortran and C demonstrating their usage.

Citing this paper would be appreciated:

P. Podvin & I. Lecomte, 1991, Finite difference computation of traveltimes in very contrasted velocity model : a massively parallel approach and its associated tools, Geophys. J. Intern., 105, 271-284, 1991.

  • View introduction, manual and legal statement concerning FDTIMES package
  • Download FDTIMES package - Compressed tar file, 66 K

: herve.chauris (-at-)