The VIPLEF software package uses the Finite Element Method for solving problems related to heat conduction, flow in porous media and mechanics of deformable solids.

VIPLEF particularly suits to the modelling of the behaviour of rock masses and their works.

It was achieved in 1978 as part of a partnership with Gaz de France. The computer structure of the whole package (CHEF, HYDREF and VIPLEF two-dimensional numerical codes) was established in 1985. The 3D version was made in 1993 further to the joint request of Gaz de France and GEOSTOCK.

VIPLEF enables further calculations :
  • heat conduction in non-linear transitory regime by using its CHIEF module ;
  • flow in a porous medium with its HYDREF module ;
  • mechanics (any behaviour law, large deformations, discontinuities, anisotropy ...) ;
  • thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling.

VIPLEF uses the Delos mesh generator for the 2D case



 More information : michel.tijani(at)