To enable manufacturers to benefit from advances in research, the Geostatistics group contribes in developing the ISATIS software which presents quasi exhaustively all the geostatistical techniques. This software, which is commercialized by the Geovariances Company, is used by more than thousand people in most varied activity fields (Mining, Oil, Environment...). The developments made each year enable the insertion of many improvements realized about nonstationary geostatistics algorithms and new simulation methods (Min / Max Autocorrelation Factors, Multiple Points Simulations, Automatic Variogram Fitting ...). Among improvements made, we can note the parallelization of kriging and simulation algorithms with the help of turning bands, which will enables the software to maximize the power of the new multi-core processor computers.





The RGeostats software is a R package which contains a lots of geostatistics tools developed in the Geociences center by the Geostatistics team.


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