Reactive transport

Knowledge of solid phases enables the geochemical modelling of solid / water interactions, which depends on the composition of the solid phases and water sampled. The aims of such a modelling are :

  • to diagnose the equilibrium state between solid phases and the water sampled ;
  • to understand dissolving mechanisms ;
  • to test the effect of certain changes in the environment (aeration, leaching, addition of adjuvants, ...) ;
  • to model the short, medium or long-term evolution of the pollution ;
  • to predict the efficiency of rehabilitation works.

The Hydrologic Systems and Reservoirs et Reactive Hydrodynamics groups are developing tools dedicated to the study of flow and mass transfer in porous media, among them METIS and MODCOU.

The ongoing most important developments concern HYTEC platform, which enables through CHESS database to take into account the chemical reactions and therefore to model reactive transports. These works are under two consortia involving among others the CEA, the IRSN, EDF, Total and Lafarge.