OBJECTIVES: to estimate the value of a regionalized variable at a point or within a block, key parameter of a mining project, using the tools of linear geostatistics (regionalized variable: elevation of a horizon, porosity of a rock, grade in metal or concentration content in pollutant...). These tools describe and model the spatial variability of the phenomenon under study reporting for example anisotropy, correlation distances or nested variability scales.


Theory and practice of basic geostatistics:

  • Variography : exploratory data analysis, experimental variogram, theoretical models, variogram fitting;
  • Dispersion variance, estimation variance;
  • Local estimation : theory and practice of kriging;
  • Global estimation.

This programme can be divided into two parts:

  • Modeling: it provides a better understanding of the spatial variability of the studied variable.
  • Critical analysis of data;
  • Experimental variogram: an experimental view of the variability of the data;
  • Calculation methods for this experimental variogram in both cases of regular and irregular sampling;
  • Theoretical model of variogram: fitting and consequences of the choice of variogram model on the variable properties, meaning of the the model parameters;
  • Regularization: taking account of the variability of sample volume and consequences on modeling.
  • Estimation
  • Variance estimation: evaluation of confidence intervals of the estimators;
  • Global estimation (on the whole deposit, or on large parts of the studied domain);
  • Kriging: «best linear unbiased estimator»;
  • Various methods of kriging: punctual and block kriging with known or unknown mean; kriging neighborhood (choice of data points used for kriging).

Prerequisite: solid background in mathematics

This module can be divided into two parts: linear geostatistics I and linear geostatistics II

Duration: 20 days
Dates: 18/09/2017 - 13/10/2017
Cost: 8 000 €
Including lunch
Language: English
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Training location : Mines ParisTech, 35 rue Saint Honoré, 77300  Fontainebleau  -  France

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