OBJECTIVES: to estimate the variable interest already modeled, as well as an assessment of the possible errors magnitude (deviation of estimation, confidence intervals); methods optimize estimating by minimizing the estimation error, difference between calculated and real value.


  • Estimation variance: evaluation of confidence intervals for the different estimators;
  • Global estimation (on the whole deposit, or on large areas of operation);
  • Kriging : «best linear unbiased estimator»;
  • Various types of kriging: punctual and block kriging with known or unknown mean, kriging neighborhood (choice of data points used for kriging).

Prerequisite: Linear Geostatistics I or equivalent

Duration: 20 days
Dates: 02/10/2017 - 13/10/2017
Cost: 8 000 €
Including lunch
Language: English
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Training location : Mines ParisTech, 35 rue Saint Honoré, 77300  Fontainebleau  -  France

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