HYTEC and CHESS hydrogeochemistry

Chemistry-transport coupled modelling (HYTEC)

The main objective of this training is to familiarize the participants with chemistry-transport coupled modelling using the HYTEC software.

The training addresses engineers and researchers in the fields of waste management and recovery, underground storage (CO2, gas), material durability (cement, concrete, glass, steel), bio-alteration, leaching, contaminated sites and soils.

HYTEC is a numerical platform for simulating the degradation of (geo) materials in porous media, including by microbial catalysis, the migration in porous media of chemically reactive materials as heavy metals, radionuclides, gases and colloids. Numerous examples and practical works on PC allow participants to become independent and to apply the coupled model approach in general to specific problems in real geometry.

Important note : in order to fully benefit from this training, a good understanding of chemical processes modelling is required. HYTEC is based on CHESS speciation tool, for which an independent training is organized (hydrochemical modelling applied to environment and water quality problems).

More information here on the training programme, dates and registration formalities, practical information (how to go to Fontainebleau, housing).

For more information, please contact Mrs Rosa-Lynda Guillon

Phone : + 33 1 64 69 47 45 / Fax : + 33 1 64 69 47 13

Email : rosa-lynda.guillon(at)mines-paristech.fr


Geochemical modelling applied to environment and water quality issues (CHESS)

The speciation of chemical elements in an aqueous environment can be simulated with dedicated tools based on fundamental thermodynamic rules and concepts. For a dozen years, MINES ParisTech has been developing some speciation models, including CHESS, and on the other hand has been using these modelling techniques in order to understand the impacts on the natural environment, to simulate them and to find solutions capable of minimizing them.

This seminar aims to familiarize participants :

  • with the use of hydrochemical models ;
  • with the modelling of the speciation of heavy metals and radioactive elements in the laboratory and in natural waters ;
  • with the application of these models to practical problems posed by the impact of industrial activities and storage on the environment, especially on water quality.

Before any practice, the seminar mainly consists of exercises that will take place on PCs running Windows XP ; these exercises are based on the use of CHESS latest version. This software allows a quick start and an easy operation of the many features available for use. CHESS is interfaced with various international databases widely diffused.