Specialized training CESAM

 Public administration of mines

Next session : January 11th, 2017 to July 7th, 2017


Target audience : managers and decision-makers in the field of economic and social development, public administration of the mining sector, auditors and inspectors of mines, programme management units (international organizations, IFIs ...), mining engineers, geologists, senior officials, jurists, having already some years of professional experience in the mining sector.

Language : Teaching is done exclusively in French.

Duration : The training lasts six months and is divided into two parts :

  •     a teaching phase : lectures, tutorials and practical exercises, supported by technical visits;
  •     a two-month application phase, corresponding to a personal and theoretical work on a topic of interest for the trainee and his / her organization.

Content : in the Training Programme, the topics are related to public policy, strategic development, regulations and social control, environmental issues in mining operations. Finally, the mineral raw materials are considered as a real tool for economic development through the implementation of a tax policy applicable to mining industry.

Diploma : successful trainees will be awarded the MINES ParisTech diploma of the specialized training in public administration of the mining sector.

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: how to get to Fontainebleau, housing

Contact :

Mr Hugues ACCARIE, Training manager
Direct line : +
Secretary : Mrs Claudie DE VREESE (+

Email : resp_cesam@geosciences.mines-paristech.fr
MINES ParisTech - Centre de Géosciences
35 rue Saint-Honoré  -   77300 FONTAINEBLEAU - FRANCE


On their arrival in Fontainebleau, students must be fluent in French.

Management reserves the right to cancel the training session if the number of registrations is not sufficient.