Mining training news

Mines Training news, September 2016
            * Goodbye to our 2015-2016 students...
            * A new tough academic year for vocational training programs ...
            * Launch of the network “Mine & Society”...
            * Training of officials of public administrations of the Democratic Republic
              of Congo (Kinshasa, 2016)…
            * Abstract of reports from CESECO, CFSG and CESAM students

          Mines Training news, May 2016
                 * Some stakes of vocational training in mining
                 * Towards a cooperation with the CREDAF ...
                 * Technical visits of CESECO students
                 * Mines ParisTech, 23rd of World University Ranking
                 * Our partners have their say ...


          Mines Training news, February 2016
             Contents :
                 * A difficult year for vocational training in general
                   and in particular for the CESAM
                 * The CESECO is enriched by a new module in a workshop
                 * Short course in law and tax system of mining projects
                 * Cooperation France Cameroon : 40 officials of the Ministry of mines
                   of Cameroun formed over 3 years
                 * Our partners take the floor!

         Mines training news, November 2015
             Contents :
                  * A tough academic year for the vocational training
                  * Field visits for CESECO students
                  * Dates of training modules to come
                  * « Mine & Society », a new chair in research and teaching
                  * The French government has created a working group to define
                     the principle of "responsible Mine" for the 21st century

             Mines training news, September 2015
              Contents :
                  * Graduation ceremony
                  * Dates of training modules to come
                  * Abstracts of students worrks

             Mining training news, June 2015
               Contents :
                  * Editorial of training team leader
                  * Dates of upcoming training modules
                  * The creation of two specialized masters:
                     CESECO and CFSG