The Geophysical team of the Geosciences department at MINES-Paristech is seeking outstanding students in geophysics who wish to persue with us a Ph.D or a post-doc in seismic and electrical imaging. Our main research activity is focused on the development of new algorithms in the context of land data sub-surface imaging. That includes:

  • Tomography/imaging of the near sub-surface (seismic and electric)
  • Micro-seismicity
  • Waveform inversion
  • Interactive imaging

Beside the required skills in mathematics and physics, knowledge in geophysics is not required but is a plus for the candidate. Candidates must have excellent computer skills or must be willing to learn.

The Geophysical team of the Centre de Géosciences at MINES ParisTech (Ecole des Mines de Paris) in Fontainebleau is also seeking gifted geophysicists and visiting professors.