The aim of the ANR-VMC VULNAR project is to study the effects of climate change on the dynamics and the vulnerability of the Upper Rhine alluvial aquifer. This aquifer is made of alluvial materials deposited by the river in the graben bordered by the Vosges Mountains to the West and the Black Forest to the East during Pliocene and Quaternary areas. In order to better understand the uncertainties, several hydrogeological modellings of the alluvial aquifer are simultaneously developed, with different representations of sublateral contributions by the mountain subwatersheds and various estimates of surface flows. These modellings should improve the knowledge of the hydrodynamic functioning of the river system consisting of the aquifer and the mountain watersheds that border it and contribute to its feeding.

We should also get a better estimate of the uncertainties as for the simulation of the functioning of this river system.

Coordinated by Philippe Ackerer, Laboratory of Hydrology and Geochemistry of Strasbourg (LHYGES), this project includes research teams from Météo France (CNRM / GAME), the LHYGES, MINES ParisTech (Geosciences department) and the University of Paris 6 (Sisyphe laboratory) and is supported by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR ) as part of the theme "Vulnerability : environments and climates".

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Contact : Philippe Ackerer