Radioactive waste

The chemical evolution of the components of multi-barrier systems (mainly based on clays and concretes) and the possible consequences on the confinement properties of these components have been modellized with HYTEC in radioactive waste storage in geological environments and in industrial waste storage in class I disposal sites. It is a good example of modelling methodology for complex works such as underground storage bins, isolation barriers, covers, with a representation of source-items (nuclear glasses, uranium oxides, mine tailings, multi-product storage …) and ageing kinetics in the view to describe the liberation of pollutants and its possible environmental impact.

The main partners implied in these topics concern :

  • the Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN) (Institute of Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety) ;
  • Électricité de France (EdF) (French Electricity). 

Radioactive waste storage  


Modelling of the alteration zone of a bentonite plug by cement materials in a radioactive waste deep storage. HYTEC enables to simulate the hydrogeochemical evolution of the whole system at various scales.