Exploiting hydrocarbons

The exploitation of hydrocarbons is one of the major application fields of the Department, including geological works on deposits characterization or modelling/simulation, the development of mining technologies and the developments of geostatistical techniques and seismic imagery.

  • For several years, the Geology group has been working on the detailed analysis of oil reservoirs or analogues.
  • The Geophysics group directs its works towards the topic of "land seismic imagery". The determination of few deep structures, often neglected, is one of the predominant projects of the group, whose application field goes from oil industry to seismology through civil engineering and mining exploitation.
  • The Engineering Geology and Geomechanics group is pursuing works in the field of oil drilling with a very strong involvement in CITEPH consortium (Cooperation for technological innovation in the exploration - production of hydrocarbons), with a special focus on very deep drillings allowing to reach tanks located 10 km below the sea level. The group is also conducting works on very low permeability reservoirs.
  • The Geology and Geostatistics groups devote themselves to works dedicated to deposit modelling and simulation.