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Experiment means (test benches)

The Department has significant experiment facilities :

  •  equipment for the petrophysical analysis of geomaterials :
    •  bench for identification of geotechnical parameters ;

    •  bench for porosity measurement ;

    •  He pycnometer ;

    •  BET ;

    •  mercury porosimeter ;

    •  SEM and EDS ; 
  • equipment related to the study of the mechanical and hydraulic rock fragmentation : 
    • linear bench (1:4 scale), vertical lathe (full scale), rotary bench (1:4 scale), jet bench

tour-vertical banc rotatif fluage-1
Vertical lathe and high pressure jet Rotary bench Creeping
The acquisition of a very high pressure pump (250 MPa) has enabled to conduct independently research works on rock cutting by water jet. 

The drilling bench enables, on a reduced scale, simulating the behaviour of a drill string in its hole and studying the directional behaviour of oil drilling tools in the case of a monitoring through the "point the bit" way.

Drillability cells allow the analysis of the interaction law between a diamond pellet (basic cutting tool of a PDC-type oil drilling tool) and the rock to cut, under containment pressure. This equipment is essential for oil drilling research since the influence of containment on the cutting law had never been highlighted before.